If Muslim Americans are to have profound, sustained impact in this country, we must not only develop our present terrain, but invest in our future. Emgage looks hopefully towards the next generation to advance the rights, representation, and impact of our community in the United States.

As a result, a key component of our mission is to cultivate talented, visionary, and mission-driven young leaders in civic society. Given the right tools, trainings, and opportunities, the next generation of Muslim Americans will ensure the inherency of Muslim Americans within the fabric of American society.

Our mission is to generate Muslim American excellency. This entails training and nurturing young leaders to fill a plethora of impactful roles, including academics, organized activists, and policy shapers: all in the service of creating a holistic civic society in which Muslim American voices are represented. 

To achieve this, Emgage nurtures rising young leaders through an immersive professional empowerment program. Retreat participants attend issue-focused seminars, constructive workshops, and community engagement activities throughout the duration of the program in order to become influential, energetic agents of change.

Interested participants may apply here.