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Ohio has emerged as an important battleground states. In the lead up to 2018, and as we approach the 2020 presidential election, Emgage has extended its efforts to Ohio. Our work in this state has seen some of the most significant growth midterm to midterm, with Ohio producing a 29-point increase in state wide Muslim voter turnout from 2014 to 2018 with 48% of Ohio Muslims voting on November 6.


Emgage worked in three counties and four congressional districts across Ohio in 2018. Three of the seven regions we engaged exceeded the 29-point Muslim voter increase between 2014 and 2018:

  • Franklin County- 33 pt ↑
  • Montgomery County- 17 pt ↑
  • Lucas County- 23 pt ↑
  • Ohio’s 3rd– 33 pt ↑
  • Ohio 9th- 16 pt ↑
  • Ohio 10th- 19 pt ↑
  • Ohio 12th– 34 pt ↑

Franklin County alone represents more than half of the Muslim voter turnout across the state.

* Please note that the districts do overlap as indicated on the heat map