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October 7, 2017

Anti-Islam Hate Rallies Show Up Accross America

This weekend, ACT for America, an anti-Muslim grassroots organization which the Southern Poverty Law Center has named a hate group, will be hosting marches “Against Sharia Law and for Human Rights” in cities across the country. ACT is supported by far-right and anti-government groups, many of whom will attend the rallies. This organized anti-Muslim movement has long sought to spread fear of Islam by arguing that Shariah law, or Islamic law, poses a threat to American laws–a complete legal falsehood.

The anti-Muslim rallies scheduled across our nation on June 10th are a widespread net of hate and xenophobia. Emgage strongly condemns these events and their message. We stand with local organizers in taking action against ACT for America. We will continue empowering Muslim Americans, as we engage elected officials to prosecute hate crimes and to protect our rights.

What can you do?

1) EDUCATE. Watch this video by CAIR to learn why ACT for America is a hate group.

2) EMGAGE. We encourage you to check the map regularly as things are continuously changing. Particapte in local events that are being held to “wash away hate.”

2) EMPOWER. The hashtag we will be using nationally is #CounterACTHate. While we encourage folks to use the national hashtag so that we can get it trending, we also hope that you’ll use any relevant local hashtags.

Thunderclap period 10am-11am PT / 1pm-2pm ET on Saturday; share pre-written content during that time for max hits.

Use this toolkit for digital guidance.

Click the link below for more direct access on this topic.

Anti-Muslim protests planned in 23 cities across the country