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June 22, 2018

Candidate Profile: Ali Sajjad Taj

Ali arrived in California in the 1990s and worked double shifts and weekends as a sales rep for The Good Guys, a local electronics store, while gaining his financial qualifications. He later became a financial analyst and advisor. Ali graduated with a B.A. in Economics and Statics and completed his Masters in Public Administration with emphasis in Marketing. He began his first leadership role as District Manager with American Express in 2002 and later Vice President for Ameriprise Financial, where his team was top ranked under his leadership. He also worked for Weddell and Reed. Ali currently serves on the Artesia City Council.

Ali is also a huge proponent of mentorship programs and often takes on several mentees. He still retains his own mentor, believing that individuals should always strive to improve themselves.

Platforms: Maintain High level of public safety, Continue to Work on Basic infrastructure, Support Existing and Open New Small Businesses, Ensure Citizens input in City Government Decision Making, Invest in our Youth and Senior Citizens, Cut wasteful Government Spending and Serve as Fiscal Watchdog