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  • Michigan Continues to Build Bridges

    December 22, 2017

    On Monday, December 18, Emgage MI led a coalition dinner that brought together the Muslim American community,  and the Chaldean and Assyrian American communities. With a history of conflict in Iraq, the historical relationships between the communities have not been any better here at home. However, with recent ICE raids affecting both communities, common ground

  • Meet our State Representative of the Month, Abdullah Hammoud!

    December 6, 2017

    For the month of December, I had the pleasure of interviewing State Representative Abdullah Hammoud (D-15). Representative Hammoud’s district comprises of Dearborn, the city he grew up in. I had a pleasant conversation with Representative Hammoud, and I learned about his passion for bringing change into his communities. Q: What led you to run for

  • Michigan Discusses the ICE Raids

    November 23, 2017

    On November 19th, 2017, Emgage Michigan participated in a podcast for Oakland University along side Gino Vicci of WXYZ Channel 7 News, and Wisam Naoum a leader of the Chaldean American community discussing the ICE raids that swept through the state. As recent local elections saw for the first time the unifying of communities that

  • Michigan stands in Unity against Hate, Xenophobia, and Islamophobia

    November 9, 2017

    On November 8th, 2017, as former Chief Strategist for President Trump Steve Bannon made his way to Michigan, Emgage lead an effort to organize an event in partnership with IONA, CAIR Michigan, ACLU Michigan, Women’s March Michigan, Michigan Muslim Community Council, Michigan United APIAVote Michigan, Take On Hate, and the Metro Detroit Political Action Network

  • Meet our State Representative of the Month, Darrin Camilleri!

    October 24, 2017

    By, Sakina Abedi For the month of October, I had the pleasure of interviewing State Representative Darrin Camilleri. Representative Camilleri (D-23) is currently serving in the Michigan House of Representatives. I enjoyed speaking with Representative Camilleri and hearing his story. I learned about his passion for his work and dedication to making a difference not