Congressman Keith Ellison has consistently stated, “If you’re not at the table – you’re on the menu.” Every citizen in the United States has a role in civic society, and voter education is a vital component of this duty.

Such education will pave the way to leverage our voices in issues impacting us, develop relationships with our public representatives, and ultimately, generate proactive input, rather than merely reactive responses.

Muslim American communities are vastly diverse and profoundly intersectional: we represent the very pluralism that this country strives to embody. If harnessed properly, we can be a tremendously compelling force within our American democracy.

Emgage seeks to equip local constituencies with nonpartisan voter education, and help break down issues to make them accessible to voters of all backgrounds.

Ultimately, the most educated voters are the most robust advocators. Emgage focuses on this programming through informative town halls, candidate forums, and issue guides surrounding civil rights issues, income inequality, access to healthcare, environmental protection, immigration, and criminal justice reform.