Emgage launched a nation-wide nonpartisan Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign to turn out one million Muslim voters in the 2020 presidential elections. The organizing team of Emgage is supporting full-scale data-driven GOTV operations in the largest ever Muslim American voter mobilization efforts in history. These operations include voter registration efforts, absentee ballots, phone banking, canvassing, and much more. 

Given that ‘Get Out the Vote’ efforts typically involve on-the-grounds community organizing work, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to politically galvanize Muslim American communities in newfound ways to ensure our representation in the 2020 elections. On this end, Emgage has been conducting virtual absentee ballot trainings, candidate forums, voter registration events, town halls with elected officials, our historic Million Muslim Votes Summit, and much more– all in the service of keeping Muslim Americans politically literate and civically engaged as we approach, arguably, the most important election of our lifetime. Despite the quarantine, Muslims have been navigating this new virtual terrain successfully, and are committed to playing our part in the 2020 Presidential Elections– because there is simply too much at stake otherwise. 

To partner with us as we embark on this unprecedented journey in politically mobilizing Muslim American communities, and to learn more about our organizing manual, Emgage in a Box, click here. 

Campaign Contact Information

Mohamed Gula, National Organizing Director, mgula@localhost 

Aysha Ahmed, Deputy National Organizing Director, aahmed@localhost

For more information please visit our website, www.millionmuslimvotes.com.

Pledge to Vote

Are you already registered to vote? Perfect! Take it the next level and PLEDGE TO VOTE. People who pledge to vote are more likely to turn out than those who are contacted using standard get-out-the-vote material. This year’s general elections are vital for the rights of all people. Your vote is your voice – and every voice matters. Pledge to Vote now, and make sure to vote on November 3rd!

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