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Leadership Development

A core component of the Emgage’s mission is to develop talented, visionary and mission-driven, young leaders in civic society. Given the right tools and opportunities, the next generation of young leaders will improve and strengthen the role of the Muslim American community as part of the American fabric - not the issue. Our goal is to implement different leaders in a variety of roles amongst notable academics, organized activists, and engaged, policy shapers to create a holistic civic society.

To achieve this, Emgage nurtures rising, dynamic, young leaders through an immersive professional empowerment program to place them on a path to becoming influential, energetic agents of change. Retreat participants may include leaders of various backgrounds and professions, as they attend issue-focused seminars, constructive workshops and community engagement activities throughout the duration of the program.


Alumni sponsored by Emgage are going to lead a new movement in Muslim American engagement. With the appropriate tools of community organizing and engagement, alumni are better able to develop impactful relationships that can mobilize communities to action.

Alumni Experiences

  • Yousef Awad (Michigan)

    Emgage has helped me enhance my skillset by helping me improve my management skills, my organizational skills, and my public engagement skills. I was also able to nurture wonderful relationships with the staff, as I had a wonderful time working with Hassan and the Michigan team.

  • Narissa Ayoub

    “I love working with Emgage because of how diverse and inclusive we are. Emgage opens doors to opportunities for those who are marginalized and underrepresented. My role allows me to reach out to and work directly with these communities via social media and my communications work. Representation and civic engagement are crucial to how our government works, and I’m so happy I get to work for an organization that advocates for that.”

  • Iman Khalil, FL, Congressman

    Change is induced through active participation, not merely through its suggestion. Emgage not only instilled this in me but gave me the tools to effectively implement the skills that I have learned.

  • Why Apply?

    College students often are often pressured to focus solely on textbook and lecture-led education; during the leadership program retreat participants practice team-building skills in realistic, hands-on scenarios, as well as fostering lifelong relationships with like-minded colleagues and dedicated mentors.

    All graduates are assisted individually to secure an internship in their field of interest once the program is completed.

  • Who Should Apply?

    We’re looking for dedicated and motivated college age and graduate students from Florida, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Delaware to participate in the 2017-2018 class.

    Emgage is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring our country’s minority communities have the same constitutional rights, social privileges, and political opportunities afforded to all Americans. Therefore, all applicants must represent an underrepresented community and be registered college students or recently graduated.