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Voter Education

Congressman Keith Ellison has consistently stated, “If you’re not at the table - you’re on the menu.” Activist Linda Sarsour has stated on multiple occasions, “If you breathe - you’re political.” Every citizen in the United States has a role in civic society and voter education is a vital component of this duty. Education will pave the way to improve communication, build valuable relationships with our public representatives and ultimately develop proactive input, rather than just a reactive response. Especially for a population like the Muslim American community, that can thrive from diverse backgrounds and implement more pluralism in our government’s policies, there is a compelling force in our own community.

The mission of Emgage is to equip local constituencies with nonpartisan voter education and help break down the big issues in a way that makes sense to our voters. Ultimately, the most educated voters are the most robust advocators. Emgage focuses on this programming through informative town halls, candidate forums, developing issue guides around civil rights issues and broader issues of income inequality, access to healthcare, environmental protection, immigration and criminal justice reform. The goal of Emgage is to pool the talents and strengths of the community to make an impactful contribution to civic society and open the doors for more opportunities for our future generations.

  • Data

    The dataset changes the mindset.

    Emgage communicates with voters by conducting various polls and surveys through live and automatic calls to collect data on voter trends and issues that drive our community to the polls. Gathering research on key issues will not only help us understand trends within our community, but will allow us to efficiently work towards optimal voter turnout.

    This data is presented to elected officials and candidates to help them better understand the Muslim American community. Muslim American's contribute heavily to society, and it is imperative that elected officials and candidates engage our community.

  • Webinar Workshops

    Our webinar workshops are designed to engage and educate individuals, and keep them up to date on key issues. We bring political education to your living room. Being politically aware has never been so easy.

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  • Voter Guides

    Elections can be a lengthy process, given the number of constituents and issues involved. Our voter guides help break down the core issues and values of potential candidates in a way that makes sense to your everyday life.

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