2015 Annual Report

It is the day after the November 2016 Presidential elections. The headline reads, “American Muslims arrive as a political player.” The article goes on to point out how this year the American Muslim community turned itself into a true asset that will be highly sought after in political circles.

They voted over 10% above the state average in the key swing states of Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida. They raised over $1 million nationally for candidates at all levels of office. And the American Muslim community continued in its goal to develop a culture that sees voting as an outcome of consistent civic engagement instead of making voting the end goal.

This is what Emerge USA has worked towards in 2015 and will continue to work towards in 2016. Our programmatic approach to civic engagement is designed to create the American Muslim community as a consistent and strong voice in the political process. We made some changes to Emerge USA’s structure in 2015 to strengthen the position of our community at achieving this goal.