Nidal Hozien

Nidal Hozien's' headshot.

Nidal Hozien is the son of Palestinian immigrants. On the professional side, he moved up the corporate ladder from project manager to vice president and general manager of the Miami Operations Center. He was appointed by Miami-Dade Commissioner Zapata to the Miami Dade Asian American Advisor Board, and was a founding member of COSMOS (Coalition of SoFla Muslim Organizations) and a board member until 2014. He also served as chairman of the Islamic School of Miami. He continues to serve on the national board of Emgage since August 2012, and is an active member and Director of First Aid for the Wayne Township First Aid and Rescue Squad. He has had the responsibility of directing 100+ first responder EMTs during the Covid-19 pandemic, working at the frontlines of pre-hospital care tasked with supplies. Today, he is raising four wonderful children with his wife Tageed in Wayne, NJ, where he was raised.