Biden Administration Pausing Further Weapons Offensive

Emgage welcomes the recent announcement by the Biden Administration to pause further offensive weapons transfers to Israel in the event of an invasion of Rafah. This is a long overdue step that most Americans have long been calling for. It is crucial that PM Netanyahu is made to understand, in credible ways, that U.S. support is not unconditional and certainly cannot continue if he ignores stated U.S. policy opposing a Rafah operation. While this measure alone is insufficient to address the catastrophe that has unfolded in Gaza, which includes nearly 40,000 dead Palestinians, including children, this is nevertheless a significant step. As countless humanitarian organizations and experts have warned, there is no possible way for the Israeli military to carry out an operation in Rafah without inflicting massive harm on the over one million civilians who are currently sheltering there. We hope that this signaling by the White House is heeded by the Israeli government to avert further suffering in Gaza and the wider region. We urge the White House to ignore pro-war voices that are already clamoring to undermine this recent decision and to make it indefinite should Netanyahu proceed with an operation against Rafah. Only a permanent ceasefire can bring an end to the death and destruction in Gaza, avert a regional war, and allow both Palestinian and Israeli prisoners and hostages to be reunited with their loved ones.