Emgage Action celebrates historic "Uncommitted" vote calling for urgent Gaza policy change

Detroit, MI – In a landmark primary election, the “uncommitted” vote option garnered an impressive 100,960 votes, thanks to the Listen to Michigancampaign’s efforts to galvanize voters. This outcome, nearly tenfold the 2016 margin between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, highlights the collective demand of Michigan voters for peace and justice.


Hira Khan, Executive Director of Emgage Action Michigan, stated, “This victory reflects our community’s strong call for immediate action on Gaza. Our votes matter. Officials who fail to stand on the right side of history will lose our support.”


Listen to Michigan’s success was achieved through significant outreach, contacting over 1.1 million voters to advocate for an “uncommitted” stance, emphasizing the campaign’s critical role in mobilizing for Gaza. Emgage Action supported the campaign by making 46,000 phone calls and sending about 125,000 text messages, urging the people of Michigan to vote ‘uncommitted.’


Khan further remarked, “Emgage Action is focused on doing all that we can, including at the ballot box, to change policy on Gaza, and to ensure that our elected officials are representing our values and interests. As we celebrate this milestone, let’s also renew our dedication to our mission, with the understanding that our work is far from over. We will leverage this momentum, ensuring that our elected officials take decisive actions that reflect our values and lead to peace in Gaza and beyond.”


Emgage Action thanked various leaders for their role in this achievement, including Listen to Michigan campaign manager Layla Elabed and organizers Abbas Alawieh and Lexis Zeidan; Rep. Rashida Tlaib, State Rep. Abraham Aiyash, and Mayor Abdullah Hammoud.




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