Emgage Action Condemns Trespassing Incident at Islamic Center of Melville

(New York, NY) – Emgage Action firmly condemns the recent act of trespassing and disturbance at the Islamic Center of Melville (ICM) on February 21st, 2024. This intrusion, which took place during a time of prayer and reflection, is an unacceptable violation of the sanctity of our religious spaces and the peace of community members.


Heba Khalil, Executive Director of Emgage Action New York, states, “We are deeply troubled by the events that occurred at the Islamic Center of Melville. Every individual, regardless of faith, has the right to worship without fear of harassment or intimidation. The actions of the individual involved not only show a lack of respect for our Muslim brothers and sisters but are also an affront to the values of diversity and tolerance that New York stands for.”


As advocates for Muslim American communities, Emgage Action calls for a thorough investigation into this matter and urges local law enforcement to take appropriate measures to prevent any such future occurrences. The safety and security of our communities must be a paramount concern for all.


“We stand in solidarity with the Islamic Center of Melville and the wider Muslim community in confronting hate and bigotry. Together, we will continue to work towards a more inclusive and just society for all,” added Khalil.


Emgage Action extends its support to the leadership of the Islamic Center of Melville and unequivocally supports the security and well-being of their congregants. The organization is committed to ensuring that such incidents are met with the full force of community resilience and legal accountability.




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