Emgage Action Responds to Hate-Fueled Attack in Austin, Texas

AUSTIN – Emgage Action, a leading advocacy organization for Muslim American rights, has issued a statement in response to a violent attack on four young Muslim men in Austin, TX, this past Sunday. The organization’s National Legislative Director, Iman Awad, expressed profound condemnation of the incident, emphasizing its hate-driven nature and calling for a thorough investigation.


“Emgage vehemently denounces the appalling hate-fueled attack on four young Muslim men in Austin, TX, on Sunday. The assailant is reported to have attempted to tear a ‘Free Palestine’ flag off the victim’s car while physically and verbally assaulting the victims. During the altercation, one victim was stabbed and is now recovering after surgery,” said Iman Awad, Emgage Action’s National Legislative Director. “This incident is part of a disturbing pattern of hate crimes targeting visibly Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim individuals across the United States.”


The statement highlighted the broader context of increasing violence against Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim communities in the country, linking it to harmful narratives disseminated by mainstream media and political figures.


“The alarming rise in such violence is exacerbated by dangerous rhetoric perpetuated by mainstream media and politicians. This hostility and hatred towards Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim communities must be unequivocally condemned and stopped,” Awad continued.


Emgage Action calls upon the authorities in Austin, TX, to recognize the severity of the situation and to treat the investigation of the attack with the utmost seriousness, including exploring it as a potential hate crime.


“We call on Austin, TX authorities to fully investigate this incident as a hate crime. It is imperative that justice is served, not only to the victims of this specific attack but also to send a clear message that hate crimes will not be tolerated in our communities,” Awad concluded.


Emgage Action remains committed to advocating for the rights and dignity of Muslim Americans and all minority communities across the United States, standing firmly against any form of discrimination, violence, and hate.




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