Emgage Action Statement on Attacks in Rafah and Pending Ground Invasion

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Emgage is alarmed and gravely concerned by numerous reports reporting over 100 killed due to Israeli airstrikes on Rafah. This news, along with the pending Israeli ground invasion, is risking a potential disaster of epic proportions if the Biden Administration does not interfere now to put a stop to this.


“We are concerned for the safety and well-being of innocent Palestinian civilians trapped in Rafah, with over 1.5 million Palestinians taking shelter there. It is the last remaining designated safe zone in the Gaza Strip. There is nowhere left for Gazans to go, who are already suffering tremendously after over 100 days of living in dire conditions with limited access to aid.


We urgently call on the Biden administration to pressure Netanyahu’s government for an immediate halt to airstrikes and avert a ground invasion. The U.S. must wield its influence by suspending aid and military support, to enforce a ceasefire and prevent further civilian casualties. This critical intervention is both a moral obligation and a necessary step towards peace,” stated Wa’el Alzayat, CEO of Emgage Action. 




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