Emgage Action supports Listen to Michigan campaign to advocate for policy change on Gaza ahead of primary

Dearborn, MI- Emgage Action, a Muslim advocacy organization, has recently expressed its firm support for the Listen to Michigan campaign. This pivotal movement seeks a policy overhaul concerning Gaza, underlining the vital role of the Arab American and Muslim electorate within the state. As the Michigan primary elections loom tomorrow, Emgage Action is rallying voters to support the Listen to Michigan campaign and cast their votes as ‘uncommitted’ to advocate for this change.


The campaign has rapidly gathered support across Michigan, backed by a wide array of local officials and community influencers. Its core message centers on the need for a ceasefire, enhanced humanitarian support, and renewed political discussions to foster peace and justice.


Hira Khan, the Executive Director of Emgage Action Michigan, highlighted the organization’s deep-rooted commitment to the campaign, stating, “Supporting Listen to Michigan goes beyond a mere political stance—it mirrors our relentless pursuit of justice and peace. Emgage Action is proud to back this call for pivotal policy reforms, ensuring that our collective voice leads to meaningful action.”


In preparation for the primary, Emgage Action has launched a significant voter outreach initiative, which includes extensive phone banking alongside other digital and in-person efforts. These activities aim to educate voters on the critical importance of remaining ‘uncommitted’ in the primary as a sign of pressing for policy changes. So far, Emgage Action has made 46,000 calls, and has sent 120,000 text messages urging the people of Michigan to vote ‘uncommitted’ in support of the Listen to Michigan campaign.


Emgage Action’s efforts are not just timed for the immediate primary but are part of a broader strategy to enhance civic engagement across all swing states, reinforcing the community’s influence on a national level.


Emgage Action is optimistic that through collective endeavor and a strong commitment to civic participation, a path toward a more equitable and peaceful future is within reach.




About Emgage Action 

Emgage Action supports and advocates for just policies that strengthen our pluralistic democracy and protect human rights at home and abroad.



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