Emgage Action supports Texas Freedom of Speech Act

AUSTIN: Emgage Action strongly supports Texas State Representative Jon Rosenthal’s newly filed Freedom of Speech Act, announced on January 9, 2023. 

Per the Representative’s press release, the Freedom of Speech Act, H.B. 1089, would “repeal current statutes that prevent private business entities from exercising the constitutional right to free speech if they boycott Israel, firearm and ammunition manufacturers, or the oil and gas industry.”

“The right to free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment includes the right to boycott and protest, which is what this Act affirms. Lawmakers do not reserve the right to suppress free speech,” said Jamila A. English, Emgage Texas’s Legislative Director. “We thank Representative Rosenthal for his leadership in supporting an issue important to our community.”

The Texas Freedom of Speech Act would amend Texas Government Code 2400.0015 and repeal Chapter 2271 and sections of 2274. If passed by the Texas legislature, it will take effect on September 1, 2023. 




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Emily Churchill

National Director of Communications