Emgage Action's Response to President Biden's State of the Union Address

Emgage Action responds to President Biden’s recent announcement during the State of the Union address, recognizing the initiative to establish a temporary port in Gaza for humanitarian aid to Palestinians. While this step is necessary, we note its significant delay and express deep disappointment over the dual approach of the U.S. providing aid to Palestinians while simultaneously supplying arms to Israel, falling notably short of a comprehensive and ethical foreign policy stance.

The construction timeline for the port raises alarm, as it further delays the delivery of critical humanitarian aid, potentially exacerbating the suffering and loss of life among Palestinians. This situation underlines the urgent need for more immediate and efficient humanitarian support mechanisms. In this light, we call for an immediate ceasefire, enhanced humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people, and a reinstatement of UNRWA funding.

President Biden’s glaring omission of an explicit call for a ceasefire in Palestine is not just an oversight; it is a failure to stand by the principles of human rights and dignity. For 152 days, Gazans have been enduring the horrors of violence, starvation, and the deprivation of their basic human needs—situations that demand immediate and decisive action from global leaders, especially the United States.

Let it be clear: our votes cannot be taken for granted. We demand an immediate call for a ceasefire. Complacency or complicity in the ongoing violence against Palestinians is unacceptable and will have political repercussions.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has advocated for a ceasefire, participated in protests, and supported Listen to Michigan’s ‘uncommitted’ campaign. Your commitment and collective mobilization are truly making a difference, pushing the needle towards meaningful action. Your efforts are a testament to the power of community and advocacy in effecting change.