Emgage CEO Attends Meeting with Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Emgage’s CEO joined Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim leaders from around the country to meet with Deputy National Security Advisor, Jonathan Finer, to discuss our grave concerns regarding the escalating violence and unfolding humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as reported in the BBC.

Participants, who convened under Chatham House Rule, raised the need for an immediate ceasefire given the worsening  humanitarian crisis in Gaza. This request was  made more urgent following the Israeli military’s call for nearly 1.1 million people–over half of the territory’s population–to evacuate.

Participants called for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to ensure that vital life-saving assistance, including food, water, and medicine, reaches those in need. Attendees also raised the need to support American citizens seeking to escape the enclave and other areas that are under threat.

Participants also raised serious concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim students and employees who have been experiencing concerted campaigns of doxxing, harassment, and intimidation over their expressed or perceived support for the wellbeing of Palestinian victims. Participants asked senior officials, including the President, to provide leadership in this difficult moment by providing public support and comfort to all Americans who are affected. They asked that government agencies, Congress, state and local officials, and academic and corporate leaders, exercise caution in their statements and give equal measure of support to all impacted communities irrespective of their religion or race.

“We grieve for the innocent civilians killed in Israel, and now in Gaza. As a democracy, the United States has an obligation to uphold international norms, including when supporting allies. There is no military solution to the Gaza crisis or to  the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, only a political one. We call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the bloodshed. We are also troubled by reports of rising Islamophobia and anti-Arab bigotry on college campuses and the workplace that is stifling free speech and undermining our democratic values. We stand firmly against all forms of Islamophobia and  anti-Semitism,  and ask our leaders to show support to all Americans  who are impacted.

Emgage will continue to stay engaged on this important issue and to advocate for human rights and religious  freedom at home and abroad.




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Emgage educates and mobilizes Muslim American voters in support of policies that enable our communities to thrive and democracy to flourish.



Emily Churchill

National Director of Communications