Emgage condemns harmful comments about Islam by Penn State wrestler

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Emgage strongly condemns disparaging comments made about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad by Penn State wrestler Aaron Brooks after a recent competition

“These comments were, in short, unacceptable,” said Wa’el Alzayat, Emgage CEO. “Such language not only denigrates the worldwide Muslim population, but also is harmful to the many Muslim students, faculty, and staffers at Penn State. There is no need to denigrate one religion in order to uplift another.”

NCAA Wrestling sharing Brooks’ comments on their official Twitter page, where the post was live for over 24 hours, is deplorable. Elevating such statements on prominent platforms gives institutional backing to Islamophobic rhetoric, in turn empowering such bigoted language and beliefs to spread. 

Emgage calls on Penn State and NCAA Wrestling to denounce Brooks’ comments publicly and state their support for the Muslim community in the face of these actions. We will be reaching out to Penn State and the NCAA to ensure that action is taken.