Emgage partners with the Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition


December 6, 2018

Emgage partners with the Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition to Get Out the Vote

Washington, D.C. – Emgage is proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with the Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition, a partnership of over 200 activists, influencers, and organizations across the nation, to help them Get Out the Vote.

“We strive to amplify the Muslim American voice and our partnership is a step in the right direction to empower communities all over the United States,” said Wa’el Alzayat, CEO of Emgage.

Over the past decade, Muslim communities in America have significantly grown but representation in the political realm has not been as successful. Emgage strongly believes that by educating these communities and preparing them to become civically engaged, representation in office will also increase. Together, the Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition and Emgage Action will:

  • Increase civic engagement and education
  • Establish a clear GOTV strategy in Illinois
  • Publish data-driven reports to help activists and allied organizations

Emgage and the Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition share a common goal: to ensure that Muslim Americans have a seat at the table. With this partnership, we aim to do just that by empowering and education communities across the nation.


For more information, please contact our National Legislative Director, Iman Awad, at iawad@emgageusa.org

Emgage educates and empowers Muslim Americans through educational events, voter initiatives, and leadership development for the purpose of creating a community of knowledgeable, motivated, and impactful citizens. Emgage seeks to transform the Muslim American electorate into an active and impactful community.