Emgage Pennsylvania met with Governor Shapiro and shared key concerns and requests of the Muslim community amidst the crisis in Gaza

PHILADELPHIA — Representatives of Emgage Pennsylvania, a Muslim American civic engagement organization, met with Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro and members of his Administration on Thursday, October 26, 2023. The meeting was amicable and productive. The Emgage Pennsylvania team was pleased by the Governor’s openness to discussion and receptiveness to suggestions.

In the meeting, participants shared key concerns regarding the devastating crisis in Gaza and the need for public officials to support Muslim Pennsylvanians in this difficult moment. The group agreed on the sanctity of all human lives and unequivocal condemnation of violence, regardless of faith. The group also discussed the need to protect freedom of speech, particularly for students who are speaking out for Palestinians, and the need to combat anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic speech and actions. Concern for the potential rise in hate crimes was discussed, as well as strategies to express support and empathy for all groups suffering.

Emgage Pennsylvania asked for the following from the Governor:

  1. Increase the diversity in his Administration
  2. Hold ongoing dialogue with Pennsylvania Muslims and attend a meet and greet with the Muslim community
  3. Speak out against harassment at schools and jobs, iterating support for freedom of speech
  4. Release a statement supporting a ceasefire

Emgage Pennsylvania remains steadfast in fostering dialogue, understanding, and collaboration for the benefit of all Pennsylvanians. The organization looks forward to continued engagement with Governor Shapiro and stakeholders to build a harmonious and inclusive future.