Emgage Statement on Albuquerque Killings Update

BREAKING: A suspect has been identified and arrested for the murders of 4 Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While more information is gathered, Emgage is saddened to hear news of anti-Shi’i hate as a potential motive for these killings. This is especially heartbreaking considering that this is the Islamic month known as Muharram, which is of particular significance to Shi’is.

Emgage was founded to bring Muslim Americans of all types together to engage with their government and fellow Americans. We value diversity at every level, including within our own faith tradition. It is reflected in our board and staff and our position on issues.

No individual should be targeted on the basis of their religious beliefs. Anti-Shi’i hate is a form of Islamophobia which can even be perpetuated by Muslims. We condemn discrimination and Islamophobia in all its forms, and await more information in the hopes that justice is served for these men. We also stand in solidarity with our Shi’i brothers and sisters during this difficult time, and send prayers and love to the victims and their families.