Emgage strongly denounces attack on worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Emgage was horrified to hear about the April 5, 2023, attack on Muslim worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. At least 37 people were injured and over 350 people were arrested, the New York Times reported.

Al-Aqsa is Islam’s third holiest site, following Mecca and Medina. The site is highly trafficked during the month of Ramadan.

The attack on the worshippers by Israeli police was an unacceptable and use of force. Videos have emerged showing police brutally beating worshippers with batons. Police also smashed doors and windows, and deployed stun grenades and rubber bullets inside the mosque, CNN reported.

“This is an absolutely impermissible act,” said Wa’el Alzayat, Emgage CEO. “Such an attack would be unacceptable at any time of year, but this happening during Muslims’ holiest month is particularly devastating to our community across the globe. We demand an immediate and unbiased investigation into this incident to ensure that those responsible for this violence are held accountable. Such attacks only serve to further destabilize the region. We call on Israeli authorities to promptly release detained worshippers and to guarantee that their human rights and dignity are upheld.”

Police stormed the mosque after worshippers remained overnight. Muslims stayed in an attempt to prevent Jewish extremist groups from slaughtering goats in the mosque as a part of a Passover ritual, according to CNN. Earlier this week, a top Israeli rabbi, Shmuel Rabinowitz, had moved to prevent this sacrificial ritual.

Emgage will continue to track this situation and to advocate for human rights and religious freedom across the globe.