Launch of the Million Muslim Votes campaign for the 2024 elections

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Emgage and over 70 partners are pleased to announce the launch of Million Muslim Votes for the 2024 elections. Emgage states that this effort is especially important given elected officials’ refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.


“As we launch Million Muslim Votes, our vision extends beyond the remarkable achievement of 2020. With over 1,087,086 registered Muslim voters mobilized in the last election, we’ve proven the power and potential of our community. In 2024, our ambition soars to turn out even more Muslim voters.


At the heart of this effort is our commitment to amplifying Muslim American voices across every level of government. With the support of over 70 partners, we’re not just aiming for numbers; we’re striving to foster a deeply engaged, politically active Muslim American community. This is especially crucial given the violence in Gaza, and elected officials’ apathy towards it: our voices must be heard now more than ever. Our collective efforts in data-driven organizing and grassroots mobilization reflect a groundbreaking chapter in our journey towards greater representation and impact.” – Mohamed Gula, National Organizing Director, Emgage


Million Muslim Votes was first launched ahead of the 2020 presidential election by a network of state chapters and partners. The goal was to turn out a historic number of Muslim American voters, which was achieved when 1,087,086 registered Muslim voters turned out for the election in the 12 states in which the Million Muslim Votes campaign was active. In 2024, Million Muslim Votes aims to surpass this milestone. 


The campaign will do this by mobilizing voters in key states and by working closely with partners and coalitions in order to get out the vote at the local, state, and national levels. This will include expanding our reach into key states including California, New York, and Arizona. Data and organizing efforts will be led by Emgage. Current national partners include ISNA, MPAC, State Voices, The Movement Cooperative, and over 70 valued state and local grassroots partners. All current partners can be found here.


Learn more about becoming a partner here.


For more information about Million Muslim Votes, click here or visit millionmuslimvotes.com.




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