Laila Abdus-Shakur

Organizing Director


Laila Abdus-Shakur's' headshot.

Laila Abdus-Shakur serves as Pennsylvania Organizing Director. In this role, Laila leads community and political outreach efforts on behalf of the Pennsylvania Chapter, including voter turnout, engagement with elected officials and organizational leadership, as well as development of programming across the state of Pennsylvania and within national political networks. Building and maintaining relationships with diverse groups of people is central to this role, as well as brand promotion.

With over a decade of experience in government relations and community engagement, Laila has spearheaded numerous successful initiatives bridging the gap between public policy and community needs. As a Political Organizer, Laila has worked closely with elected officials to advocate for racial equity, social justice and policy relating to American Muslims. Laila’s passion for community engagement has driven her to organize and facilitate numerous outreach events, workshops, and town hall meetings, fostering dialogue and collaboration among residents, businesses, and local government entities. Her detail-oriented, logistical approach alongside her deep understanding of strategic messaging and branding has earned her a reputation for excellence in project management across various sectors.

With her diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to driving positive change, Laila continues to make impactful contributions to her field and the communities she serves.