Tale of Two Futures: How will Muslims fare after the 2020 Biden v. Trump elections?

American Muslims face a fork-in-the-road moment in 2020. How we respond will determine whether we can leverage a capacity which outweighs the one percent of this country’s population which we represent. MPAC's "Tale of Two Futures" projects and compares both parties’ approach to the policy priorities of our community. It identifies the opportunities to build coalitions and engage the policymaking realm.


2017 Annual Report

2017 was a watershed year for Emgage. Although founded almost ten years prior in Florida (formerly as Emerge USA), this year witnessed rapid growth in term of our size, budget, and program offerings.

Muslim Vote Impact

From protecting civil liberties to fixing our healthcare and strengthening the economy, we strive to help American Muslims be defined by what they stand for. Together we are helping to educate and mobilize our community to become a force for positive change and build the next generation of civic leaders.

2016 Annual Report

2016 was a critical year for Emgage and a year where as an organization we hit several first-time accomplishments. For the first time, Emgage ran a Get Out the Vote Campaign across five states for a general election and now has capacity in several battle ground states across the country.

2015 Annual Report

We made some changes to Emerge USA’s structure in 2015 to strengthen the position of our community at achieving our goal to develop a culture that sees voting as an outcome of consistent civic engagement instead of making voting the end goal.

2013 Annual Report

With an increase in voter turnout from approximately 40% in 2006 to over 90% in 2012 we accomplished one of our major goals when starting Emerge USA. We created a cultural shift in the attitude of our communities towards civic engagement. People were no longer asking "why should I vote?" but asked "who should I vote for?"