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Emgage Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Emgage condemns in the strongest terms possible the Russian Federation’s continued illegal and destructive invasion of Ukraine. We stand firmly with the people of Ukraine during Russia’s war against them and the values of democracy that threaten the likes of Vladimir Putin and fellow autocrats.

At least 14,000 lives have already been claimed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014. Russia’s decision to disrupt peace and security in Europe is a serious breach of international law and norms, poses escalators risks, and endangers countless lives.

In recent years, Russia’s imperialist and reckless foreign policy and support for autocrats have caused the suffering of countless innocent people in Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, and the Caucuses. We support President Biden’s decision, in partnership with U.S. allies worldwide, to place diplomatic and economic pressure on Russia, and to support Ukrainians’ self-defense. We are additionally concerned about Ukraine’s sizable Muslim community, including Crimean Tatar Muslims who have suffered needlessly or have been displaced due to Russian occupation.

As Russian aggression disrupts global peace and security, we pray and call for solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

In solidarity,
Wa’el Alzayat
CEO of Emgage